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On our site you will find a series of articles and information to guide you through the choices offered by an alternative health lifestyle.  We believe that the body is a  wonderful vessel capable of responding to and processing an infinite number of inputs, and it's your choice which inputs you decide to provide to improve your health or fix an ailment.  No doubt there are medical remedies based on clinical studies in large pharmaceutical companies;  we choose the alternative.  A holistic, herbal based approach based on natural remedies that have been proven to work in homes and families as opposed to laboratories.

Nothing is guaranteed in life, but you can improve your odds in many aspects of your life through proper choices and increased awareness of your alternatives.  Hence our choosing to share with you alternative health remedies.  You have the choice whether to go with a prescribed regimen of antibiotics or a series of ear candles to make your ear feel better when it's infected.  Whether to use a commercially prepared antacid or a ginger based drink when your stomach is at odds.  There is an entire world of alternative health choices ranging from herbs to homeopathic remedies, and this site will share our views on what alternative remedies work and how they should be administered.

Alternative health or natural remedies cover a wide range of ailments and we have provided a high level summary below to get you started.  If we can open your eyes to an entirely different path of alternative health remedies to consider when confronted with a discomfort we'll consider your visit to our site a success.

Alternative Health Remedies for Aches and Pains:

This article describes how aches and pains are the two most common conditions  people experience.  To understand how to eliminate such discomfort we must understand the sources. First of all, aches and pains don’t happen to us, they happen through us. Our body is designed to be healthy and to self-heal.  If the natural harmony of ones health and vitality is stressed, we then develop conditions of deficiency or excess. 

Alternative Health Remedies for Children:

The most common problems seen with children are generally in the categories of the digestive system, bacterial and fungal infections, viruses, as well as allergies.  This article explores how best to manage the rainbow of ailments children are faced with  using alternative health remedies in lieu of the rainbow of antibiotics normally prescribed.

Daily Nutrients for Alternative Health:

Our environment may be hostile (bad diet, pollution, exposure to viruses, allergens, etc.) We know that  the risk is high for cancer if we smoke, regularly drink alcohol, eat meat, take certain drugs and hormones, and are exposed to exhaust fumes and pollutants.  On the other hand, we lower our risks if we have a high intake of certain vegetables, fiber, antioxidant vitamins such as beta-carotene, C, and E, and live in an unpolluted environment.  Read about the alternative health based daily nutrients you should be taking.

Alternative Heath Remedies for Cold and Flu:

To understand how to deal with Colds and Flu, we need to understand that unfavorable conditions and viruses are around us all the time. Exposure to them is unavoidable, since we live in a social environment. However there are many alternative health remedies available for this all too common ailment.

Men's Alternative Health

This article explores the concept that a good life style is crucial for men to develop the body’s maximum potential. Just like men who pay attention to what’s the next most popular electronic toy on the market, they can  become more aware of what can influence their health as well. 

Alternative Healing through Homeopathic Remedies:

Homeopathy is a system that seeks to cure in accordance with natural laws of  alternative healing and uses medicines made from natural substances: animal, vegetable, and mineral. These remedies are prepared in such ways that they are nontoxic and do not cause side effects.  The remedies are available at a fraction of the cost for most prescription drugs.  Homeopathic remedies are typically presented in the form of very small pills, no bigger than poppy seeds in many cases.  Each pill may only contain several molecules of the medicine it is carrying.  Interestingly, the more the underlying constituent is diluted, the more powerful the remedy.

Alternative Healing Natural Infection Fighters:

We believe if our body is strong, no attacker can penetrate through us. Therefore, it is important to have immune-boosting nutrients all year round, especially if you work in an area that exposes you to the greater public. During an infection, our body is fighting the germ invader, free radicals are produced through the process, and antioxidants are called upon to sweep these dangerous chemicals out of our systems.  This article presents a number of natural healing agents in a easy to understand table.

Alternative Heath for Women

At anytime, all herbs are best used in periods of 2-3 weeks, and then break for one week. Pregnant or lactating women should consult their gynecologist or pediatrician before proceeding with any medical remedy, herbal or otherwise. Many herbs and drugs are not suitable for administering during pregnancy. This article explores the myriad of alternative healing choices available for women to remedy a wide range of common malaises.

Fatty Acids For An Alternative Health Lifestyle

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) gained its recognition in nutrition recently. Not long ago, it was believed that everyone could produce their own GLA from an essential fatty acid called linoleic acid. Now it is suggested that GLA is not being adequately formed in many people, resulting in health problems.  This article walks you through the myriad of fatty acids you need in your diet and provides very easy to read charts that show where to get them.

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The above health information has not been evaluated by FDA. The information on this website is  for informational purposes only and is not intended as for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment.

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